First Time Homebuyer?

There are so many helpful programs and tips for First Time Home Buyers! I have included a lot of helpful info in my previous posts I have done. But I wanted to create one specifically for this group of people.

This can be very scary, but also so exciting! Your very first home, all yours, YOU'VE GOT THIS! I will help :)

There are so many wonderful programs for First Time Home Buyers and the opportunity to get closing cost assistance. There is a Government funded program that will grant up to $7,500 to buyers who meet certain criteria. The best way to determine if you meet those qualifications is to reach out to a mortgage lender who participates in the First Time Home Buyer program. I have a wonderful one that I can recommend!

Also, there is another option to ask within the contract for the Seller to contribute to your closing costs. This will also help reduce the amount of money you will need to bring to the closing table.

Last but not least USDA loans offer the option for First Time Home Buyers to put little to no money down.

As you can see, there are so many options and ways to help everyone buy a home. Even if you think you can not afford it. We can come up with a way! :)

So start saving, keep your credit in good standing, and you will be well on your way to making own your very first home a reality!

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