This will be one of the few articles that I will post about myself. I really want this to be all about you and provide you information about the market.

I figured to start off though, I would at least give you some background on myself so in case you didn't know me well you would at least have an idea who the woman behind the keyboard was.

My name is Britney Weaver. King was my maiden name. I am a happily married woman of almost 5 years this March. We have a fur child named Remington, he is a black lab shepherd mix. We live in Buckingham, and love the country life.

I am local, born and raised right here in Lee County. I spent my childhood growing up in Cape Coral, graduated from North Fort Myers High School, and have lived in Buckingham and Alva most of my adult life.

I started my real estate career in 2010, what an interesting time. I started in the Cape Coral area, then in the Downtown Fort Myers area. Went through some of the hardest times in Real Estate, stuck through it no matter how hard it got, even if at times it was only a part time basis. I am so glad I did. Its my passion and the only thing that has ever really given me the satisfaction I desired in the working world.

I love that smile on a newlywed couples face as they are getting ready to purchase their very first home, or the seller who is overwhelmed with happiness as they received an offer on their home after 5 days of being on the market.

I look forward to you joining me a lot more over the weeks, months, and years!

Thank you,


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